A discrete mathematical setting

The MP theory has been introduced by Prof. Vincenzo Manca in 2004 in order to algorithmically model biological dynamics. Theoretical and modeling results have been published in more than 60 papers.

A complete documented solution

The code is completely commented according to the Javadoc standard. Moreover, the most important features are also documented in a 100 pag. user guide that is freely available.


MP theory

For any general issue regarding the MP theory, please contact:

Vincenzo Manca

Vincenzo Manca is a Full Professor, since 2002, at the Computer Science Department of the University of Verona (Italy). He obtained his degrees from the University of Pisa, under the guide of Alfonso Caracciolo di Forino and Ennio De Giorgi, where he became Assistant Professor in 1980.

He was Associate Professor at the Universities of Udine and Pisa. His research interests cover a wide class of topics from mathematical logic, discrete mathematics, and theoretical computer science to informational analysis and computational models of biological systems. At present, his investigation is focused on Computational Systems Biology and Natural Computing.

In 2004 he introduced MP grammars as a mathematical methodology for deducing discrete models of biological dynamics. He is author of more than 170 scientific publications, appearing in international journals and scientific series. He is reviewer for Mathematical Reviews and also referee for many scientific journals and conferences, has been member of PC in many international conferences and was visiting professor and invited speaker in many universities and international conferences.

He is member of E.M.C.C. (European Molecular Computing Consortium) and directed several research projects in the field of natural computing, collaborating actively with several international research groups. He has advised 7 Ph.D students, and tutored more than 40 M.Sc. students. He was co-founder and president of the Programme in Bioinformatics, at the University of Verona (the Faculty of Sciences). Since October 2012 he is President of the Center for BioMedical Computing (CBMC).


Software support

For any technical issue about the Java library and this web-site (bug report, request of new features, etc), please contact:

Luca Marchetti

Luca Marchetti graduated in Computer Science in 2006 and obtained his Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Verona (Italy) in 2012 with a thesis titled: MP representations of Biological Structures and Dynamics.

His research interests are mainly focused on Systems Biology, and, more specifically, on computational and algorithmic modeling of biological phenomena.

From June 2007 to March 2014 he worked as research associate at the Center for BioMedical Computing (CBMC) of the University of Verona. During that period he started many international collaborations on topics of computational systems biology and he contributed to the development of important software prototypes for the creation of an integrated computational platform yielding tools for design, simulation, inference and analysis of dynamical systems modeling biological phenomena.

Since September 2013 he started working as research associate at The Microsoft Research - University of Trento Centre for Computational and Systems Biology (COSBI) in Rovereto (TN), Italy.


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